The Best Moped Brands

The Best Moped Brands

Mopeds have been around since the 40’s and are manufactured all over the world. While they have been popular in Europe and Asia for years they are only gaining popularity in North America. There are dozens of companies out there today that manufacture and sell mopeds, it’s hard as a buyer to figure out which one is the best.  Some manufacturers are on the cutting edge of design while other just assemble parts and slap their logos on the side.

Here are some of the best moped brands on the market:


Vespa and other Italian brands are some of the oldest scooter manufacturers in the world. Vespa has an excellent reputation and they still have their headquarters and manufacturing plants in Italy.  They design and build beautiful and reliable scooters, in fact the term “Vespa” has come to mean scooter even when referring to other brands.  They also tend to be on the higher end of price, but if price isn’t an option then Vespa should be your first choice.

The Best Moped Brands

Derbi, Gilera, Piaggo and Aprilia

These are some other Italian brands that all used to have independent operations but due to financial troubles they all operate under the parent company Piaggo. Piaggo sells mopeds under their own name but they use the same engine as Vespa.  Piaggo is designed to be more affordable, all the bells and whistles have been stripped away.  So while you can still get the quality of a Vespa you won’t get the pretty chrome finishings.

Japanese Brands

Honda and Yamaha have been making mopeds since the 50’s however in the 80’s they started getting innovative and they are still leaders in engine technology. They are middle of the road when it comes to price.  Honda and Yamaha are less expensive than a Vespa or a Piaggo but they are still higher priced than the Taiwanese or Chinese models.  The do maintain a high standard of quality, are extremely fuel efficient and are very well made.

Chinese Brands

Chinese brands are the lowest priced and they don’t lead the charge in innovation, in fact they are pretty bare bones. In most cases the parts are manufactured in a bunch of different factories, they are then assembled in yet another factory.  The technology is older and fuel efficiency isn’t a priority at all, manufacturing them as cheaply as possible is their only priority.  While Chinese mopeds are affordable, the quality is not so great.


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