The Joy of Solar Powered Scooters

Solar Powered Scooters as a Means of Transport

Electric scooters are a popular form of transport for people who need to get around in areas which are comparatively built-up and where most services are close together. They can make a short daily commute incredibly convenient, and they are far more environmentally friendly (and less of a space hog) than cars. What better way to make an electric scooter even more convenient than by using a built-in solar panel. Alibaba have these electric scooters for sale, you can check them out here.



Usually, scooters are powered by a large battery that is plugged in to charge it. Solar powered scooters can be charged by using the power of the sun, as well as by plugging them in. It’s actually a bit of a misnomer to call the scooters entirely solar powered – because the solar power only charges the battery – if the scooter’s battery was completely flat then it is unlikely that solar power would make it go – especially not with the weight of a human on it. However, over a long enough period of time, the solar cells would recharge the battery so that the scooter could run again.

Solar powered scooters aren’t cheap right now, but they do cost far less than a car, and less than most motorbikes too, so if you’re just looking for a little runaround for a flat, scooter friendly city, then they’re worth the money. You’ll save money in the long term on fuel, parking, and insurance costs.

Easy to Ride

One more thing that makes solar powered scooters so popular is how easy they are to ride. It takes a little training to learn how to ride a motorbike, but a scooter is much easier to master and you will be zipping around the city quite confidently after a little practice. They’re easy to ride even in fairly confined spaces, and since they don’t achieve particularly high top speeds they are quite safe as well – you’re not likely to hurt yourself even if you do manage to fall off somehow.



A lot of people have tried to popularize electric scooters, but it’s only been recently that they’ve become mainstream, accessible and beefy enough to be useful to commuters, as well as reliable enough for day to day use. There are charging points all over most major cities, and solar power helps to offset some of the difficulty of charging too, so you can get plenty of mileage out of your scooter.

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