Should you buy an electric scooter

Should You Buy an Electric Scooter

Should you buy an electric scooter?

Tripping around the city on a moped is not only fun but it’s the perfect method of transportation. Scooters are easy to park in a place where parking is hard to find and expensive.  They are fuel efficient and with the rising costs of gas and environmentalism, scooters are enjoying huge popularity.  To be even more environmentally friendly there are electric and solar powered scooters.

There are some perks to riding in an electric scooter:

  • No more paying for gas some hybrid models with give you more than 70 miles per gallon.
  • It leaves you with tremendous freedom, unlike a car you can use shortcuts and get from point to point without have to pay for or take the time for public transportation.
  • They are really easy to park, in a city like Toronto where parking is expensive and hard to get, electric and solar scooters can be tucked away in bicycle parking on the sidewalk.
  • No fumes or pollutants.
  • Don’t overlook the fun factor, scooter are great fun to drive.
  • Electric scooters climb hills better than gas powered ones, there is no delay in accelerating.

Here is a video that shows you all the features of an electric scooter.

Electric scooters operate by adding a motor and a battery to a kick scooter. There are handbrakes just like a bicycle and near the batteries by your feet is an “accelerator” that determines the speed.  Most people still view electric scooters as toys and because of this there are few regulations of electric scooters.  Some jurisdictions don’t require a license but here in Ontario you do need one.

Speed and Distance

Electric scooters have speeds between 10mph all the way to 30mph, solar powered scooters will reach speeds of up to 15mph. Solar scooters only get about 15 miles per charge while the electric scooter with go about 120 miles before needing a charge and both will take roughly 8 hours for a full recharge.  Of course there are all the same factors and driving a car like wind and hills.  So if you have a lengthy commute then electric scooter is probably your best bet.


Depending on how luxurious you want to go a scooter can cost anywhere from $250 all the way to $2000. Solar powered scooters are a relatively new product so there is not much variation in pricing and they will be very close to $2000.  Buying an electric scooter shouldn’t be based on price or brand.  Look into repairs and the availability of parts, shipping Vespa parts from Italy to Toronto can get expensive if something goes wrong.  Since both electric and solar scooters are new to the market bear that in mind.


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