About Me

about meHi I am Kellie and welcome to Mopeds as Means of Transport.

I am a Torontonian born and raised and while I love Toronto I HATE the traffic…doesn’t everyone.  Also I live in North York and work on Queen St, which means an hour stuck in traffic or an hour on the subway everyday.  Both those options are terrible!

After a summer trip to Italy, where everyone drives a scooter, I decided to get one of my own back home.  The perks are great, it costs me less to run than a bus pass and I can use it 9 months out of the year.

Aside from making my commute easier I can also get all my errands done on the weekends and in the winter I can even store it in my apartment if I have to.

I know most people still think it’s a toy and I will never use it on the highway, but right now it suits my life perfectly.