All you need to know about led lighting

The popularity of LED lighting technology has grown rapidly and steadily over the years. The benefits of using
LED light fixtures over the traditional technologies have seen more and more households and
commercial buildings use them to light their indoor spaces. The LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a
semi- conductor device that converts electricity into light. LED lights use about 50% less electricity
than traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen options, resulting in significant energy cost
savings, especially for offices which keep the lights on for extended periods.

LED lights have a longer lifespan. Where a quality LED has a lifespan of between 30,000 to 50,000
hours, a typical incandescent bulb lasts only about 1,000 hours while a comparable fluorescent lasts
8,000 to 10,000 hours. What’s more, LED lights have directional lighting capabilities which means
that they aim light in a specific direction unlike conventional bulbs which emit light, and heat, in all
directions. Another benefit of LED lights is that the user is able to control their brightness. Some
LEDs can be dimmed according to the preference of the user. Given the above benefits, what are the
things to look out for when investing in LED lights to light your home and offices?

Quality of light

You are accustomed to measuring brightness in terms of wattage. With LED lighting, it is important
to check the lumen per watt (lm/W) of a LED light fixture while buying it. Lumens per watt measure
the energy efficiency of an LED light fixture. LEDS that produce cool white have an efficacy of 130
lm/W and the warm white have an efficacy of 107 lm/W. This is much higher as compared to the
incandescent bulb that produces just 15 lm/W and the fluorescent lamp with 60 -70 lm/W

Colour Temperature

While incandescents provide a warm, yellowish hue, LEDs come in a wide range of colours. LED
bulbs are capable of displaying a spectacular colour range from purple to red to a wide spectrum of
whites and yellows. Most people prefer colours that are similar to what the incandescent produce.
Warm white produce a golden and yellow hue like a burning candle while cool white appears almost
blue. If you are looking for a modern look for an office then cool white is the ideal colour. Bright
white produces a white light similar to daylight and is mostly used in retail stores. Colour temperature
is measured in Kelvins. The lower the number, the warmer (yellower) the light. The typical
incandescent is between 2,700 and 3,500k.

Lighting direction

LEDs are known for giving off light in one direction which makes them a good choice for overheard
lights. There are new designs which give omni-directional light which means they can be used like a
table lamp for instance.

Price of the LED light

Like all things, prices of the LED lights vary. Led panel light can cost as low as £6.99 pounds
to a high of £74.99. With this price range, you can be able to choose which one makes the most
pocket sense to you.


LEDs are not always compatible with traditional dimming switches. Sometimes you need to find LED
bulbs which are compatible with traditional dimmers or replace your current dimming switch with a

LED compatible dimmer. It is important to find out what kind of dimming switch you have when
shopping for LEDs.


LEDs come in a number of shapes. There are spiral bulbs, different types of globes, spotlights,
floodlights and some shaped like candle flames. Choose a shape that is appropriate to your home or
office fixtures.

Now that you more knowledgeable about all things LED’s, go change your inefficient lighting (both residential and commercial) to save money and do some good to planet earth and future generations. Cheers!!

Fancy An Electric Bike?

Scooters vs Electric Bikes

Mopeds and scooters are fantastic. There is a real sense of freedom about zipping around the town or city on scooter, with the wind on your face and the hum of the engine in your ears. But scooters are under attack.


Yes, you heard it right. Lightweight, electric powered bikes are threatening the hallowed space of the scooter, and as these electric bikes get more powerful, more and more will they encroach on the home territory of the humble scooter.

Why Electric Bikes Are Challenging Scooters –

  1. They are much lighter than scooters, and are perfect for city dwellers as they can easily be carried up to a second or third floor apartment,
  2. As they are powered by electric they produce no emissions, and so are much more environmentally-friendly,
  3. They’re on trend – right now electric bikes are cool. Cool cannot be underestimated.

And so our advice to moped and scooter lovers is to stick to your guns. See the full guide here: Electric Bike Review UK – Best E-Bikes for Commuting in 2018



Having Fun With Mopeds

In today’s time it’s becoming more and more obvious that a lot of cars are now flooding the streets, which is why traffic is getting much worse today as compared to what it was a few years ago. Because of this, a lot more people are now looking into alternative means of transportation that’s going to allow them to bypass traffic so that they won’t end up getting stuck on the road for long hours. One of the best solutions for this would be to use mopeds. A lot of shops nowadays offer mopeds for sale so it’s going to be really easy for you to find one.

Mopeds are fairly cheap so you won’t have to spend a lot of money if you want to buy one for yourself. In addition to that, some of them are electric so you don’t have to spend money on gas either. They’re really fun to have especially if you love going out for quick strolls during the weekends. You can use it to go to the park or do your errands.

Make sure you set your budget first before you start looking for mopeds from different stores near you. In addition to that, it would also be good for you to have an estimate of the travel distance that you’re going to cover on a regular basis if you’re planning on buying an electric moped.

Getting Around With An Electric Scooter

One of the most fun and convenient ways to go around the city would be through an electric scooter. Aside from being really agile, they’re also fairly cheap so you don’t have to push a hole through your wallet just so you can own one. Another advantage of having an electric scooter would be the fact that they’re environment friendly so if you want to help keep the world in good shape for the next generations, this is one good way for you to help out.

If you want to buy an electric scooter for yourself that you can use to easily drive around the city, one of the most important things you need to consideration would be the mileage capacity. You have to take note of the places where you usually go on a daily basis so that you can find a suitable electric scooter that can easily that distance without failing out in the middle of the road while you’re driving. Next, consider your budget so that you’ll know what you can afford. Lastly, be sure to read reviews about the different scooter brands and the most reliable one so that you can get the most out of your money. Take a look at the different scooters available at

Funeral Memorial Ideas

Creative New Memorial Ideas for Funeral

Unfortunately accidents happen and motor bike deaths have become a common occurrence. Here are some ideas that can help you organize a funeral for your loved ones.

Are you looking for something new and different for a loved one’s funeral? Do you believe they deserve more than just the typical ceremony and want to give them a bit more? There are numerous funeral memorial ideas that you can incorporate into the ceremony that are tasteful and respectful, but offer more than stories and ceremonies.

When we lose a loved one, it can be very difficult. We want to give them a send off that they would have enjoyed, and something that will help those left behind to cope with the loss. Going the extra mile to accomplish this can make a big difference. There are some funeral memorial ideas that will help deal with the loss, and will speak to the kind of person the lost one was. Provided here are some unique, some simple, and some treasured ways to add something more to your loved one’s memorial.

Memory Table. I also think it'd be great as a graduation table in school colors…:

Here are four memorial ideas for funeral that you can incorporate, as long as it suits you:

  1. You may want to choose a special location or setting – Where the service is held can set the mood and atmosphere. If the deceased was not a religious person, then the options are more open. You could bring the service to a park, riverside, lodge, or marina. Someplace that really spoke to the departed is a great choice. If they had an interest, or would always retreat somewhere, this may be the best way to honor them and to say goodbye.
  2. You may want to choose a theme or purpose – This can help those coming to the service focus and truly remember the person who has passed. Themes can help you and others in choosing readings, songs, foods, and other items to bring to the service making it comprehensive. Did the person who passed have a hobby or take pride in their career? What about the person’s culture or ancestry? Or you can focus on the relationships. Any of these is a good start in determining a theme.
  3. You may want to honor the person by doing something extraordinary. There are many services out there that can honor your loved one in a different way, if you believe that is what they would have wanted. Some will spread your loved one’s ashes from a plane over the ocean. One service even takes a portion of your loved one’s ashes and will launch it into space. Visit Celestis’ website if you are interested in giving the departed an experience they would have never had on this earth by sending them into space.
  4. You may want to incorporate a memorial table. This really personalizes a funeral. There is so much you can do with these. They can be filled with pictures and objects from the person’s life. You can even ask guests to bring something if they can to place on the memorial tables. Perhaps you even could create sections for the different stages of the person’s life. The possibilities are endless.

Memory jar for funeral This is what I would want a celebration of a life well lived:

The Joy of Solar Powered Scooters

Solar Powered Scooters as a Means of Transport

Electric scooters are a popular form of transport for people who need to get around in areas which are comparatively built-up and where most services are close together. They can make a short daily commute incredibly convenient, and they are far more environmentally friendly (and less of a space hog) than cars. What better way to make an electric scooter even more convenient than by using a built-in solar panel. Alibaba have these electric scooters for sale, you can check them out here.



Usually, scooters are powered by a large battery that is plugged in to charge it. Solar powered scooters can be charged by using the power of the sun, as well as by plugging them in. It’s actually a bit of a misnomer to call the scooters entirely solar powered – because the solar power only charges the battery – if the scooter’s battery was completely flat then it is unlikely that solar power would make it go – especially not with the weight of a human on it. However, over a long enough period of time, the solar cells would recharge the battery so that the scooter could run again.

Solar powered scooters aren’t cheap right now, but they do cost far less than a car, and less than most motorbikes too, so if you’re just looking for a little runaround for a flat, scooter friendly city, then they’re worth the money. You’ll save money in the long term on fuel, parking, and insurance costs.

Easy to Ride

One more thing that makes solar powered scooters so popular is how easy they are to ride. It takes a little training to learn how to ride a motorbike, but a scooter is much easier to master and you will be zipping around the city quite confidently after a little practice. They’re easy to ride even in fairly confined spaces, and since they don’t achieve particularly high top speeds they are quite safe as well – you’re not likely to hurt yourself even if you do manage to fall off somehow.



A lot of people have tried to popularize electric scooters, but it’s only been recently that they’ve become mainstream, accessible and beefy enough to be useful to commuters, as well as reliable enough for day to day use. There are charging points all over most major cities, and solar power helps to offset some of the difficulty of charging too, so you can get plenty of mileage out of your scooter.

Renergy Solar have created this awesome solar powered mobility scooter. A brilliant solution for those in need. It has battery storage and a lot of space to carry stuff like shopping and other stuff. Another person can fit in there as well!!

Should you buy an electric scooter

Should You Buy an Electric Scooter

Should you buy an electric scooter?

Tripping around the city on a moped is not only fun but it’s the perfect method of transportation. Scooters are easy to park in a place where parking is hard to find and expensive.  They are fuel efficient and with the rising costs of gas and environmentalism, scooters are enjoying huge popularity.  To be even more environmentally friendly there are electric and solar powered scooters.

There are some perks to riding in an electric scooter:

  • No more paying for gas some hybrid models with give you more than 70 miles per gallon.
  • It leaves you with tremendous freedom, unlike a car you can use shortcuts and get from point to point without have to pay for or take the time for public transportation.
  • They are really easy to park, in a city like Toronto where parking is expensive and hard to get, electric and solar scooters can be tucked away in bicycle parking on the sidewalk.
  • No fumes or pollutants.
  • Don’t overlook the fun factor, scooter are great fun to drive.
  • Electric scooters climb hills better than gas powered ones, there is no delay in accelerating.

Here is a video that shows you all the features of an electric scooter.

Electric scooters operate by adding a motor and a battery to a kick scooter. There are handbrakes just like a bicycle and near the batteries by your feet is an “accelerator” that determines the speed.  Most people still view electric scooters as toys and because of this there are few regulations of electric scooters.  Some jurisdictions don’t require a license but here in Ontario you do need one.

Speed and Distance

Electric scooters have speeds between 10mph all the way to 30mph, solar powered scooters will reach speeds of up to 15mph. Solar scooters only get about 15 miles per charge while the electric scooter with go about 120 miles before needing a charge and both will take roughly 8 hours for a full recharge.  Of course there are all the same factors and driving a car like wind and hills.  So if you have a lengthy commute then electric scooter is probably your best bet.


Depending on how luxurious you want to go a scooter can cost anywhere from $250 all the way to $2000. Solar powered scooters are a relatively new product so there is not much variation in pricing and they will be very close to $2000.  Buying an electric scooter shouldn’t be based on price or brand.  Look into repairs and the availability of parts, shipping Vespa parts from Italy to Toronto can get expensive if something goes wrong.  Since both electric and solar scooters are new to the market bear that in mind.


The Best Moped Brands

The Best Moped Brands

Mopeds have been around since the 40’s and are manufactured all over the world. While they have been popular in Europe and Asia for years they are only gaining popularity in North America. There are dozens of companies out there today that manufacture and sell mopeds, it’s hard as a buyer to figure out which one is the best.  Some manufacturers are on the cutting edge of design while other just assemble parts and slap their logos on the side.

Here are some of the best moped brands on the market:


Vespa and other Italian brands are some of the oldest scooter manufacturers in the world. Vespa has an excellent reputation and they still have their headquarters and manufacturing plants in Italy.  They design and build beautiful and reliable scooters, in fact the term “Vespa” has come to mean scooter even when referring to other brands.  They also tend to be on the higher end of price, but if price isn’t an option then Vespa should be your first choice.

The Best Moped Brands

Derbi, Gilera, Piaggo and Aprilia

These are some other Italian brands that all used to have independent operations but due to financial troubles they all operate under the parent company Piaggo. Piaggo sells mopeds under their own name but they use the same engine as Vespa.  Piaggo is designed to be more affordable, all the bells and whistles have been stripped away.  So while you can still get the quality of a Vespa you won’t get the pretty chrome finishings.

Japanese Brands

Honda and Yamaha have been making mopeds since the 50’s however in the 80’s they started getting innovative and they are still leaders in engine technology. They are middle of the road when it comes to price.  Honda and Yamaha are less expensive than a Vespa or a Piaggo but they are still higher priced than the Taiwanese or Chinese models.  The do maintain a high standard of quality, are extremely fuel efficient and are very well made.

Chinese Brands

Chinese brands are the lowest priced and they don’t lead the charge in innovation, in fact they are pretty bare bones. In most cases the parts are manufactured in a bunch of different factories, they are then assembled in yet another factory.  The technology is older and fuel efficiency isn’t a priority at all, manufacturing them as cheaply as possible is their only priority.  While Chinese mopeds are affordable, the quality is not so great.


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