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(as opposed to a car, a scooter, a horse, a donkey, etc.)

The simple answer: because it's economical, it's reliable and most importantly, it's fun. Mopeds still are the best combination of machine and human power: a small, 49cc engine will push and pull you, but should you run out of gas, no worries: you can always revert back to 'pedal-power'.

Truly ingenious...

But mopeds are...

too small... so what? There are small cars and big ones too...or how about a pony and and a buffalo? A moped is very easy to manouvre and in city traffic they're unbeatable. They are faster and much safer, than a bicyle (more visible, better brakes). Besides, you can park them practically anywhere.

they are for the Summer only... not really. Sure, just like any other open vehicle, mopeds are more pleasant to ride in warm weather. But Fall and Winter are not necessarily write-off seasons. Dress warm and watch out for slippery roads. You will be OK, as long as there are no 100 km wind gusts and the pavement is bare.

how about the money? there's no other motorised vehicle out there that could compete with a moped, when it comes to the cost of ownership, including the low initial investment, the cost of insurance, the maintenance requirements and before all, the money you'd spend on fuel. In fact, when gas prices are in the stratosphere, a fill-up for $5 will still get you thorugh an entire week's riding, if not more.

but they are only legal to use in the city... not true.You can ride a moped on any highway, with the exception of the 4-series. All other roads, including regional highways (Hwy 11,7,2, etc.) are fine.

You can enjoy the Rockies on a moped xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxor join your buddies on a Sunday for a ride in the country

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